Help Reduce Bendigos Landfill
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Go Green with Greenaway Bins!

Help Reduce Landfill

Why don’t you try some of these suggestions to help you contribute to the reduction of waste going into landfill in your area.

It is often too challenging to try to change everything in one go. Just do something extra each week.

  • Change one of your weekly grocery items from the usual product that you purchase, to one that has less packaging. Each time you run out of something, continue to look for a greener alternative.
  • Check the air pressure in your car tyres every month, it will make them last longer. Improperly inflated tires cause additional tons of CO2  to be release. Tyres can lose pressure as temperatures drop, so if there is a cold snap, check your tyres in the morning before you leave home.
  • Buy some green bags to take to the supermarket. Store them in the car so they are always there when you make the extra stop at the supermarket. Plastic Bags are a significant problem in landfill.
  • Get a green waste collection bin.